Why Hire a Video Production Company in Tampa Florida?

Posted on October 13th, 2023

Hire a Professional Video production Company in Tampa
Video production is more than just pressing a record button. It truly is an art that combines technical expertise, storytelling, and creativity. When it comes to capturing a moment, promoting a product, or even documenting an event, the importance of hiring a qualified video production company can’t be emphasized enough.

But there’s such an abundance of choices! So, how do you choose the right company that aligns with your vision, needs, and budget? This guide eases that burden and helps you make an informed decision. If you would first like to know what goes into quality video production, check out the Production Overview of a production company in Tampa.

Why Tampa?

Tampa, Florida, is not just a city of beautiful beaches and thrilling outdoor adventures. It is emerging as a prominent hub for video production services. The local culture – a mix of creative spirit and southern charm – can be a fantastic backdrop for various video production needs. Moreover, the environmental diversity offers a multitude of settings for your videos – from the calm bay waters to vibrant cityscapes. This adds an extra layer of quality to your productions.

Key Factors to Consider When Hiring

Experience and Portfolio

You wouldn’t hire a mechanic who had never fixed a car before, so why take a chance on an inexperienced video production company? Always make it a point to review a company’s portfolio and look for examples that align with your specific needs. This will not only give you a sense of their style and capabilities but will also showcase their experience.

Pricing and Budget

Budget is an aspect that cannot be ignored. However, when choosing a video production company, it’s not always best to go for the cheapest option. Quality comes at a cost, but it’s a worthwhile investment. Carefully evaluate quotes, consider what’s included, and match it against your budgetary constraints. To understand more about the costs involved in video production, also check out the ABCs of Video Production Costs.

Technical Skills

In this digital age, video production technology is ever-evolving. It’s important to make sure that the company you are considering is up-to-date with the latest technologies and techniques. Ranging from camera equipment to editing software, a thorough understanding of the technical aspects can significantly impact the final product.

Timeline and Deadlines

Let’s face it, time is money. The ideal video production company should be able to deliver quality work within a reasonable timeframe. Make sure to discuss timelines upfront and look for companies that can meet or even exceed your deadlines. For more tips on making an excellent choice, here are 4 Tips for Hiring a Great Video Production Company.

Questions to Ask Before Hiring

Before making a decision, equip yourself with the right questions to ask potential video production companies. Here’s a quick checklist for you:

What is your experience in my industry?

Can you provide references or case studies?

What are the deliverables for my budget?

Will I own the final footage?

What is your project turnaround time?

Local Versus Non-Local Companies

Choosing between a local Tampa-based company and a non-local one has its own sets of advantages and drawbacks.

Pros of Local Companies:

Quick and accessible communication

Easier to organize face-to-face meetings

Understanding of local culture and locations

Cons of Local Companies:

Limited by local resources

Potential higher cost due to less competition

Pros of Non-Local Companies:

Broader range of expertise

Potentially lower prices due to a bigger pool of competition

Cons of Non-Local Companies:

Communication may be less immediate

Lack of familiarity with local settings and culture

Finalizing the Contract

When you’re about to finalize the contract, keep an eye out for these key clauses:

Payment terms and schedule

Cancellation policy

Ownership of final footage and materials

Non-disclosure or confidentiality agreement

Project timeline and deadlines

Making The Best Decision for Your Video Production

We know that choosing the right video production company is not a decision to be taken lightly. There are many things to consider. Think about the vibrant local setting of Tampa, analyze the experience and technical expertise of a company, and make the right decision for your endeavors. Make sure to prepare a checklist of questions, evaluate the pros and cons of hiring local vs. non-local, and thoroughly review your contract.

6 Reasons You Should Hire a Professional Video Production Company

Posted on November 11th, 2022

Hire a Professional Video production Company in Tampa

Most companies understand what their audience wants, and that is readily available and digestible content. So, it is no surprise that video content creator has become one of the most popularized video content marketing strategies. The only issue with video content is that it can be time-consuming and expensive. If you really want to WOW your target audience, you need to transform your brand into a video that is engaging and creative.

So, how do you create a video that will make your viewers feel they need to invest in your brand? Well, you hire a professional video production company!

Here are 6 reasons to hire a professional for your video production needs. 

1. Receive Quality and Unique Content For Video Production Needs

Professional video production service companies consist of educated and creative thinkers ready to create winning videos for your brand. Their video production expertise can bring your brand’s vision to life and capture the audience with mesmerizing and insightful storytelling.

You won’t have to worry about any pre- or post-production because a professional video production service company plans, films, and edits your videouatch.cool/edit to ensure it is perfect and speaks directly to your target audience.

2. No Casting Stress

One huge benefit to hiring a commercial video production company is that you don’t have to worry about finding the right cast to act or model in your films. Instead, with the help of a qualified casting crew, your video will entail talented and professional actors/actresses.

3. Planning and Project Management

Suppose you want to develop a video that speaks to your audience about your brand, who you are, and what you stand for. In that case, you will need a lot of pre-planning and organization. A professional video production company will have project managers on-site to ensure the creation of your video runs flawlessly.

These project managers are trained to lead teams to success with skills such as time management, the ability to delegate, excellent communication, and decisiveness. So, you will never have to worry about your project’s core meaning falling through the cracks.

4. Access to Studio Grade Equipment

Video quality is vital in keeping your audience connected. So, of course, you will need cameras and lighting that can produce high-resolution videos. Hiring a professional video production studio ensures your video will be filmed with top-tier equipment.

5. Tap Deeper into the Industry

A video production company most likely has connections to a great cast, permits, sound stages, and more. In addition, these companies can often film your video in the best locations and with the best actors because they work alongside others in the industry.

6. Huge Money and Time Saver

There are professional video production companies for a reason! Hiring experts will save you a lot of money and time. For example, if your video is created right the first time, you won’t need to spend the extra dough it will take to do a reshoot!

You will also not have to worry about the tedious work that comes with video production, like cinematography, development, sound, editing, and coloring, which will save you loads of time.

The Bottom Line

Choosing to hire a professional video production company is almost always going to be the better choice. Their experience and creativity can help you develop a video that fits your brand’s needs and captivates your target audience.

Are you ready to take the leap and hire professionals? Sasquatch Studios is the best video production company Tampa. Our imaginative and artistic team can provide high-value content at affordable costs. We believe every company deserves to have a video shoot that captures its brand’s vision and offers an unforgettable storytelling scene.

Reach out to our team today by filling out a contact form. One of our full-crew members will then contact you to consult on your unique project guidelines and brand image.

Top 5 Cameras to Record 4K Videos In 2022

Posted on November 11th, 2022

Top 5 Cameras to Record 4k Videos in 2022

If you are a vlogger or videographer working on improving the quality of your work, investing in a high-performance 4K camera is a prerequisite. Several factors go into consideration based on the kind of content you wish to produce. Be it a camera that helps you create high-quality stills and impressive 4K videos, or video-focused production, this blog will cover the top 5 cameras in 2022 that make the top of our list to offer you the best of every aspect.

In this blog, you will find options of the best cameras with regular interchangeable lenses that help in capturing powerful 4K videos. Our selection are are the ideal choice for photographers exploring videography, and filmmakers who prefer skipping the technical intricacies of heavy-duty cinematography cameras and set-ups. Curious to find the perfect match for your needs?

Let’s Dive Top 5 Cameras To Record 4K Videos Right In!

  1. Fujifilm X-T4

    For those looking into APS-C sensor cameras, the Fujifilm X-T4 checks all the boxes. The cutting-edge videography capabilities like 4K up to 60P deliver an impressive 2x slow-motion modality. You can also use it to capture 10-bit videos internally as compared to the regular 8-bit quality.

    By connecting the camera to an external monitor, you can save these videos at 10-bit 4:2:2, as it detects a high range of replicate colors with great accuracy over working with 4:2:0. A first in Fujifilm’s X series collection, this camera receives the functionality of in-body stabilization, reducing and eliminating the requirement for a gimbal.  This means professionals can shoot their stills and videos at a substantially slower shutter speed in low-light areas.

    The Fujifilm X-T4’s fully calibrated screen is the perfect set-up for hip-oriented or overhead shooting. If not in use, you can flip it in to protect the screen.

  2. Panasonic Lumix S5

    As far as full-frame cameras perform, the Panasonic Lumix S5 is perhaps the most suitable value-for-money investment. the compact build has the same 24-megapixel CMOS sensor as the Panasonic S1. There are improvements in autofocus. In terms of build, you’ll find a weather-resistant exterior and 6.5 stops of in-device stabilization for the smoothest hand-held recording.

    The Lumix S5 is a pleasure for recording 4K video at 60p. Videographers and photographers can capture 4:2:0 10-bit recordings internally with the APS-C crop, as well as 4K at 30p 4:2:2 using the complete sensor. If you’re looking for great stills, you’ll be able to click high-resolution photographs in its shooting mode that compiles 8 shots into a 96MP photograph- giving you raw files at 165Mb. The Lumix S5’s mirrorless camera is an exciting feature for the affordable price range.

  3. Sony A7 IV

    Generally, the Sony A7 was considered an entry-level device, where the ‘R’ models provided greater resolution and the ’S’ models provided better speed and sensitivity. However, you’ll find zero mediocrity in the Sony A7 IV camera, being an advanced release meant for an experienced user base as compared to the Sony A7 III.

    Think of this model as a mini Sony A1 that’s amazingly great at every feature but costs you less than half the budget. The stills enthusiasts would be elated with its 33MP resolution and astonishing burst mode. Videographers get to work with a camera that supersedes the A7 III by leagues. We love the 10-bit 4:2:2 capture that makes the Sony S-Log3 mode highly effective for color grading after clicking, while the 4K 60p switches smoothly to the Super35 crop mode.

  4. Sony ZV-E10

    The Panasonic GH6 is perhaps the best of the lot as the patience of this brand’s fans paid off big time post its launch. With its predecessor being the GH5, the GH6 had pretty big aspirations to meet, considering the former is still at the top of the 4K video camera charts in the market. The GH6 has made considerable leaps in improving the overall performance in every aspect. Sporting a swanky new 25.2MP sensor, this model can give you crisp and clear 4K at 120p videos, or an awe-inspiring 5.7K at 60p.

    Final Word

    The top five cameras for 4K recording are the best in 2022’s range of launches, with each model packing great features. If it comes to picking one of the above mentioned, aligning your videography and vlogging requirements with their respective functionalities can help you arrive at a decision. All in all, all of them pack a punch when it comes to providing great value for investment. We hope that you found this blog helpful in making your 4K camera research work simpler!


Posted on November 11th, 2022

Top 4 Tips for choosing a Professional Florida Video Production companies


Humans are visual creatures, which means that the impact of video presentations and movies is far more impactful, leaving a lasting impression. For the same reason, you’ll observe why the marketing business heavily relies on video advertising. So you can connect Local Video Production Company .Though it may change formats and forms, the medium to deliver a message remains the same. Through graphics, animation, or an enacted film, marketers have been able to touch and influence buyer behavior with the power of emotional connection.

Especially in Florida, where marketing activities and filmmaking are a substantial part of the business, these play a major role in making your content stand apart from the rest. However, the credit of bringing an amazing idea to life and executing it to perfection is what makes or breaks a movie. So how does one turn a script into a video that brings in millions worth of revenue?

The answer is simple! To cut through the ever-growing number of competitors, you hire the help of professionals. Getting help from a Florida video production companies will help you to transform your script into an ambitious project that receives the results you project. While hiring a Video Studio Rental production team of your own may require a huge budget and additional costs, a has local video production company all the talent and resources to get the job done without you having to micromanage the process.

If you’re on the lookout for a skilled video production company in Florida, our blog will help you find the right match in just four simple steps. We believe that the process of screening and hiring professional assistance can be streamlined with the steps mentioned below. Ready to get started?

Let’s jump right into Top Florida video production companies

Step 1: Create a detailed content brief with clear goals

One of the reasons why brands fail to translate their requirement to the prospective list of video production companies is lack of clarity. While it may be the responsibility of these candidates to show you how they’re a conceptual, technical, sales video production and artistic match for you, they can’t help you unless your requirements are absolutely clear.

In such instances, kickstarting your hunt for a professional Florida video production company requires you to create a content brief. By putting your message, audience, concept, and any relevant information about your business, you’ll help these companies pitch you better with ideas that align well.

Unlike a storyboard or script, this document is a concise summary of your ideas and timelines that can help the said companies help you better. A content brief is not only helpful for the production company but also for your brand to identify what it is you wish to convey to your audience.

Step 2: Pay attention to your budget

Whilst you may want to hire the most sophisticated video production company, your budget may not allow for it. You must have your commercials sorted well before you begin to invite pitches or approach a company for your work. It may sound like an obvious thing to do, but you’d be surprised to know how many clients commence their pitching and discussions without having their budget clarified. Not only does this put a brand at a disadvantage, but it also may waste the time of both parties involved. For instance, you may approach a well-reputed company for video production services and later find out they’re way out of reach in terms of prices. Or worse, if you can afford a big-budget production but don’t convey the numbers, your video production company may cut corners and the final product may turn out less than appealing.

Step 3: Research the market for potential companies to hire

All of us wish that the companies we wish to hire simply showed up at our doorstep with the perfect pitch and solution. However, as long as you’re running a brand and business, profiling your options is your responsibility. If you don’t know how to shortlist these companies, it would be worth taking to the internet and conducting some thorough research. You can create a list of the top video production companies in Florida that match your brand’s tone and budget. There is ample information available on review platforms, personal websites, and professional networking sites as well as social media for you to find at least ten great companies to approach.

Step 4: Take a look at the company portfolio and track record

How do you know whether a company will be proficient in handling your script, brand image, timelines, and discussions to produce stellar video advertisements? Every single one of them would have an extensive log of their past projects, highlights, and showstoppers. A portfolio is available upon request or even found online if you wish to vet your potential match. Make sure you go through their past works and track record well in terms of numbers, projections, and impact created on the market as well.

Final Words:

While it may take a while to get to the best video production company that also matches all your criteria, the screening and discussions are well worth it. In the long-term, you’re investing time, energy, and capital into this process, so you may as well go all in! We hope that by following the four tips mentioned above, your process of separating the cream quality production houses becomes easier than getting lost in the ocean of prospects. For more helpful pieces of advice, stay tuned to our blog section!


Posted on November 11th, 2022

B-Roll- A complete guide

What is B roll? You may have asked yourself this question but never looked deep into research, or never spent too much time on this topic. Given a scenario, let’s just say you’re at home sitting on the couch watching TV, like almost every American, and an ad pops up. You may have noticed in some ads that while the person is speaking- it’s not showing that person speaking to the camera, but it’s using camera footage of someone illustrating what the person may be speaking about. Well that (to no surprise), is B roll. Despite that this topic may not sound important, it very well is. Many creators in the industry know how important it is- however, people just starting in this career may not, which is why I am here to help you further understand which is the best video production studios company near me , what does broll mean and the importance’s of B roll.

Let’s go over what B roll is a little further. When creating a video, you will most likely want the video to be grabbing to the watchers eye and pull them in to what you have created. B roll helps you pursue a good quality video through several methods. For example, if you are watching a video of someone speaking to the camera about a product, and they don’t show any footage of the product, well that may bore your attention span, especially if it’s a long time frame listening to that speaker. So adding B roll underneath the visuals of someone speaking, like illustrating what the speaker is talking about, can add exactly what you need to create a good video. Not only that, but B roll helps to also have the viewers dive deeper into the production. I don’t know about you, or anything about you to be exact, but If I came across a thrilling video, I would share it with people I know.

This is exactly what anyone would want to happen, and it depends on whether or not you’ve created a stunning video. Thanks to B roll, many projects such as music videos, ads, films, shows, YouTube content, and the list goes on- videos are able to capture a viewers attention sometimes without them even noticing. This is good art and useful marketing. I don’t think that I have ever come across a video of a Talent standing on screen, speaking to the camera only without any break always, or without cutting to any other visuals. If I have, I most likely watched it for a small amount of time before I got too bored and stopped watching.  I guess there’s the very rare occasion a veteran director could pull this visual off with exceptional lighting and precise camera work- but even that’s a stretch. So using B roll is very important to achieve an attention grabbing production for the audience watching.

So now that we covered that, let’s move on to why we need B roll. Not everyone can just listen to someone speaking and understand immediately. Some people prefer to watch someone do the actions instead of listening to them explain. So with having B roll, and having the person speaking while showing the B roll, it can be easier for all people to understand what is going on in the video. This is true whether it’s a music video, ad, a movie/film, or just a production of any kind. Bigger films, such as documentaries and movies, rely heavily on B roll. The whole runtime, if not most of the runtime, uses B roll. Using B roll will help a solid storyline get developed, and help the audience have a better understanding and visualization of the script. Being confused of something you are watching is a horrible feeling, especially if you feel like it could have been a good story. B roll is there to help the story by depicting what the speaker is talking about, using footage to show what the speaker is explaining. As you can see- there are many advantages to using B roll, especially for a good quality production.

Enough of what B roll is, let’s talk about how we can accomplish getting the B roll and using it for the quality production of your video. One of the most important things to remember to do before shooting B roll is to make sure to be organized. In order to be fully organized, and capture stunning B roll, you will want to use an AV script. You’ll use this script to then create a shot list for your footage. An AV script and a shot list are very important elements needed to create engaging B roll. An AV script stands for (A)audio and (V)visual. The audio is basically a column detailing the sounds in the video, and the visuals is a column detailing what the camera will be showing while the sounds are being played in the video. Like you may have guessed- it’s just a list with audio on one side and visuals on the other side. In the audio section you will want to have the speaker, or the sounds that will be played in the production, and in the visuals section is the notes where you will list the A/B roll that correlates with the audio.

For example, let’s say in the audio section it says that a woman is talking about a good cleaning product, and therefore in the visuals section it will mention the shots of someone filming the cleaning product while the woman is explaining. The next very important detail is creating that shot list- which is just like a “to-do” list where you mark off the shots that you finished from the overall AV script. And to be more specific the shot list should include the B roll shooting types & setups, and how to get those shots. It’s very simple to understand, and if you get confused easily, the shot list is based off of the visual section in the AV script. The shot list and the AV script are not necessary, but if you’re wanting to create an exceptional film- then these suggestions may interest you. You can even hire someone to oversee the shot list on set to make sure that you get all the B roll for the video production while you are on set because otherwise, if you forget to shoot some angles or anything of that matter, it can be devastating. You don’t want to remake a whole shoot to just get a couple shots of B roll. It’s a bigger ordeal to spend twice the time and the money to re-do a shoot, and to make sure that everyone that you had on set the first time can make it the second time. All the replications can’t always be the same. And on the last note- you’ll want to make sure to get detailed and creative shots and different angles of B roll to make sure that what you have to put together to make the final product is pleasing to the eye. A successful video must be visually interesting to the audience watching.

Now that we have all that down the last thing to tie this whole film together, is how to use B roll in the production. A key fact to remember is to always balance A roll and B roll. The reason I am stating this is because if you have too much A roll of someone speaking it may bore the audience which leads to the viewers not engaging, and they will definitely find a production elsewhere that offers them what you didn’t in your video. And on the other hand offering too much B roll can be bad as well. What if you are trying to make a commercial and you have mostly have B roll, and shots of what the video is about and very little A roll of someone telling the story or background of what your production is presenting? Not having enough B roll risks your film not communicating the story to the viewers correctly, and can be misleading. But using just the right amount of A roll and B roll together will create the perfect storyline of the script being told, and the visualization of the story being built. Using everything I taught you here should help you understand more about B roll and the importance’s of using it in your future video.

Sasquatch Studios has been creating all types of videos over the years and we’d be happy to answer any questions you may have on this topic. Also, if you need help with a particular video project- please reach out for a fast, free estimate. We can be reached at team@sasquatch.cool, or 813-400-1393. You can also visit our site for some great shooting b roll examples of how to properly use B roll in video.


Posted on November 11th, 2022


Renting a video production studio for the shooting of television, commercials, or branding your company online can be overwhelming.  How can you know which of the many video production studio options is best for you? In fact, choosing to shoot in a studio instead of your office, outside, or on location can be the easiest option because you do not need permission or permits to film.

To make the most of your production time, and in the joyous Holiday spirit of the giving of truly meaningful gifts, below we have supplied a few things to look for when choosing a video studio that will best suit your filming needs:

Ample Space for Filming and Setup

You should have enough space in the production studio to set up shots, prepare actors, and film without any of these activities affecting the others. If you have exceptionally large sets or props, make sure that the studio has doorways large enough to get these pieces inside and filming space to accommodate them.

Also, if you will have your cast changing costumes or makeup, make sure the video production studio rental has a private place where they can change and apply makeup. If your cast members each need only one outfit and makeup, have them come to the studio prepared, or stagger their call times to provide time buffers to get ready and to save you time during the shoot.

Space for Cast and Crew Parking

You likely do not want to have your cast and crew pay to park or park several blocks from the studio. Find a site that offers free, onsite parking to reduce overhead costs for your group. Also, by having parking on site, you will reduce the chances of people arriving late due to parking issues.

To rent a spacious and topnotch video studio located in South Tampa, contact at Sasquatch Studios or 813.400.1393.

 Viewers today expect professional quality from all videos they encounter.  Therefore, you need the best location for video production Tampa .  Contact Sasquatch Studios today for more information on renting the Sasquatch Studio for your next video production, and for all your production service needs.


Posted on November 11th, 2022

Video Production Company tampa

Technology has made many possibilities available to the general public. You may have previously thought that video was only something available to large businesses with deep pockets. Actually, you can access high-quality video production services at very reasonable rates. These services are not hard to find and they can be performed in a minimal amount of time.

What Are Video Production Services?
Video production services can do much more than hold a camera for you! No matter what your idea is for a video, they can help you carry it out from start to finish, or they can just provide assistance at key points. It is all up to you.

At the very least, video production services are required to handle the technical business of filming a video or television commercial. But there is much more to your video production than you might think. After you have come up with the idea and written a script, you will need to prepare the setting and possibly actors. Lighting is crucial in order to make it all worthwhile. Furthermore, when your video is done, you will need someone to edit it so that the various shots come together cleanly and coherently.

Truth told, it is probably preferable to let a video production service help you from the ground up. If you have a rough idea of what you want and do not have the time or the creativity to express it, let someone from a video production service initiate the creative process for you. They can help you come up with a script, format the video, film it and edit it. When it is all finished, you will have the video package about which you were dreaming.

For experienced video production services including pre-production, production and post production, check out Sasquatch Studios online today.

The Sasquatch Studios production experts will walk you through your project from beginning to end and they offer pricing that is consistently lower than comparable studios. Contact Sasquatch Studios today.

or 813-400-1393.

Who Needs Video Production Services?
A wide variety of clients may need these services. Almost any business can think up reasons to use video. While it may have been sufficient to advertise in the newspaper and the telephone book not too long ago, you need video today if you are going to keep up with the competition.

However, many government bodies and related institutions can also profit from video. For example, a college needs to be able to distribute information about itself in the form of video. Government agencies that interact directly with the public can also get out urgent messages to constituencies in this format.

The opportunities presented by video production services are too good to pass up. This innovative way of reaching out is profitable and fun as well. When you allow yourself to think about your business or other endeavor in video production ways, you open up numerous creative doors that can only help your business in the long run. For the best video production company located in Tampa, Florida go to Sasquatch Studios or 813-400-1393. Check out the Sasquatch Studios website and you will see why!


Posted on November 1st, 2022

Video Production Services Tampa

 In today’s digital world a content-rich and well-produced video is an excellent tool for selling any product, service, or idea.  A well-executed corporate video will impress clients, dazzle business partners, train staff, and educate stockholders. Of course, odds are good that if it does all that, the video was produced by a professional video production service.

 Choosing your perfect video production service requires that you do a little homework!

 The key things your video production services should always include are set forth below:

 First, learn how much experience, as well the specific areas of experience.  These days, most services offer video production and video editing expertise, but are they proficient at creating web videos, training videos and commercial videos? If the answer isn’t  an unequivocal “YES” to all three options, they likely do not have the savvy to help your company reach its full potential. Successful modern businesses offer quality video products in all three realms, so you need a service that can do that.

 Next, carefully study just what you are getting from a video production service. When you compare video production and video editing services, the team you ultimately select should offer each of the following:

 • Superior copywriting from a group that knows how to sell;

• Stunning digital design;

• Targeted conceptualizing that ensures your company’s message reaches viewers;

• Professional post-production editing that ensures every detail is exactly correct;

• Video compression technology that creates the sharpest & cleanest images; and

• The capacity to create original music scores.

 Next, your video production services should provide the best value from your investment. The majority of good production services offer different packages to fit every company’s budget and creative demands. You don’t want to pay for a Cecil B. Demille “Ten Commandments” production when you’re doing a 30-second spot on the advantage of silicone v. rubber windshield wiper blades. You just want to entice customers to buy a new set of blades.

 The final key thing that a perfect video production service provides is superb customer service. While each and every business and service today brags about customer service, here are things to look for in a service that actually provides great customer service:

 (1) Determine which one listened to you the best during the initial meeting. This company did not try to fit you into a one-size-fits-all package. It didn’t say, “This is what we recommend to most of our clients.” It didn’t do anything in the way of a sale upon the first conversation. Instead, its principal said, “Let me see how we can tailor what we have to create what you need. I’ll get back to you shortly.” And when they got back to you shortly, they did, indeed, tailor what they have to create what you need.

 (2) Listen to the “word on the street” — or on the Internet. Check the reviews of how it has taken care of other customers. These days, the Internet is full of “report card” sites, where customers offer honest appraisals of the service they received. A ton of good reviews is a good indicator that you too may soon be able to give one.

 Today’s top-notch video production services is Sasquatch Studios – found online at Sasquatch.cool, or by phone at (813) 400-1393.  The Sasquatch video production experts will assist in all your video production services —from shooting television commercials, to branding your company, services or products online.

  Sasquatch Studios can take care of you and your business today online at Sasquatch.cool, or by phone at (813) 400-1393


Posted on November 1st, 2022

Unlock Success with Video Production: Elevate Your Brand

Whether you’re shooting for television, commercials, documentaries, a short film or branding your company or products online, let a video bring your story to life.

Looking to reach an audience, bring your products to life, increase business revenues? video production is a great option along with video clips that can be a perfect marketing tool ad solution.

With the online search engine and social channel market exploding it is no wonder that many companies and artists steer toward video production to reach their audience. By placing your professional video production online, now you can make your brand available worldwide.

A video production team will help your business and brand get connected with the world. This in turn allows the person to build in his business.

A good video production studio will bring new life into the quality of your video production. Fully equipped video production studio rentals leave no restrictions on the video equipment available.

To make good quality video productions commercials, short films, etc. his author with suggests using a high-quality video camera that can give clear moving images and sounds.

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